World renowned drummers perform at Concordia

MOORHEAD—Hundreds of music lovers got to see drummers from around the world perform live at Concordia College.

If you've watched Jurassic World, or seen shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons, then you've heard this man play the drums before.

Bernie Dresel is one of the many world renowned drummers at Concordia's 28th Annual Day of Percussion.

He's put the movie scores aside to play with the college's jazz ensemble.

Dr. David Eyler hopes the events from today will help avid musicians grow and maybe inspire some new ones.

"A lot of the younger students are introduced to percussion through the drum set. So they come in wanting to learn about drum sets, they can hear some of the world's best, which we've had the privilege of having those people here just like Bernie for this year," said Dr. David Eyler, Concordia Percussion Professor.

If you missed this event recordings of Saturday's concerts will be posted on Conordia's website this Monday.