The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel

“Bernie Dresel and his sixteen-piece big band were absolutely killer.”

Modern Drummer, The 2016 Hollywood Custom and Vintage Drum Show
-Kerry Crutchfield, Producer

Mic Over BD.jpg

This jazz orchestra is comprised of 16 seasoned pros on the Los Angeles studio scene. The ensemble delivers a contemporary, highly original sound featuring the witty, intricate, and hard-swinging compositions of established and up-and-coming composers and arrangers. The sound has a contemporary and dynamic energy with a focused edge to it that is like no other jazz orchestra. At times, it is reminiscent of drummer-led ensembles of the past. The instrumental makeup is unique in that there is no piano, but jazz/rockin’ acoustic and electric guitar instead. However, for the BERN BERN BERN studio session, Bernie augmented the sound with keyboards, played by Jeff Babko. In addition, there are four trumpets, four trombones, five saxophones, upright slap bass, and Bernie on drums and percussion. When people hear this exciting combination, the first thing that hits them is its energy and intensity.



Contains latest biography, high-res pictures and sound samples from The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel.