The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel


Bern Bern Bern is the second album release and first studio recording of The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel in stereo, surround, and Auro-3D® Native 9.1 Immersive Sound. The DIG•IT Recordings release features over 72 minutes of new compositions and arrangements recorded in a state-of-the-art, multi-track Immersive Sound production. Featuring an energetic stereo spread and aggressive surround extension, Bernie Dresel leads his powerhouse jazz orchestra in a controlled studio performance. As a special guest, nine members from The Los Angeles Clarinet Choir played on “BBB Opener” and “Bern Bern Bern.”

1. BBB Opener 2:55
James McMillen: Composer & Arranger
2. It’s Alright With Me 4:05
Cole Porter: Composer; Andrew Neu: Arranger
3. Got Groove? 4:43
Scott Healy: Composer & Arranger
4. Bern Bern Bern 4:57
James McMillen: Composer & Arranger
5. A Night In Tunisia 4:49
Dizzy Gillespie & Frank Paparelli: Composers; Jeff Bunnell: Arranger
6. Anything Goes 4:08
Cole Porter: Composer; Nan Schwartz: Arranger
7. Body And Soul 5:24
Johnny Green: Composer; Jeff Bunnell: Arranger
8. The Summit 3:08
James McMillen: Composer & Arranger
9. New Dell Inn 3:40
Michael B. Nelson: Composer & Arranger
10. ALL The Things! 4:47
Brian Williams: Composer & Arranger
11. The World Is A Ghetto 4:50
Papa Dee Allen, Harold Brown, B.B. Dickerson, Lonnie Jordan, Charles Miller, Lee Oskar & Howard E. Scott: Composers; Andrew Neu: Arranger
12. Early Spring 5:11
Brian Williams: Composer & Arranger
13. Zuit Soot 4:26
Greg Adams: Composer & Arranger
14. Suite B 15:25
Bill Cunliffe: Composer & Arranger
Total Time 72:28



This debut album and live performance took place in Burbank, California at Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill, an intimate audience venue The BBB often performs in and whose acoustics are well suited to the project. The BBB performed two one-hour sets of jazz charts, with an initial 30 minutes securing sound checks. The emcee for the evening was Bubba Jackson, renowned KJAZZ 88.1 FM radio personality.

1. Straight, No Chaser 5:07 (Thelonious Monk: Composer) Andrew Neu: Arranger
2. Five Spot 3:23 (Walter Murphy: Composer/Arranger)
3. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 5:43 (Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields: Composers) Nan Schwartz: Arranger
4. Samba Quente 5:39 (Brian Williams: Composer/Arranger)
5. Wiggle Waggle 6:12 (Herbie Hancock: Composer) Bill Cunliffe: Arranger
6. ’Round Midnight 5:02 (Thelonious Monk/Bernard Hanighen/Cootie Williams: Composers) Herb Phillips: Arranger
7. Bones Akimbo 5:30 (James McMillen: Composer) James McMillen: Arranger
8. The Soulful Mister Timmons 5:28 (James Williams: Composer) Jeff Bunnell: Arranger
9. Magnificent Seven 3:01 (Elmer Bernstein: Composer) Tim Simonec: Arranger
10. What Would Be 5:25 (Steve Bramson: Composer) Steve Bramson: Arranger
11. The Spoiler 5:53 (Scott Healy: Composer) Scott Healy: Arranger
12. Crossing The Boulevard 10:20 (Andrew Neu: Composer/Arranger)

Total Time 1:08:46