Bern Bern Bern: audiophile jazz release in Auro-3D


Jazz band The BBB featuring Bernie Dresel will release its second album "Bern Bern Bern" in audiophile format - 9.1-channel Auro-3D at 24 bit / 96 kHz.

There are 16 musicians in the jazz band, and Los Angeles Clarinet Choir joined them to record several tracks. The recording was held in April 2018 in the studio Capitol Studios in Hollywood, and the mixing was done by specialists in the Belgian Galaxy Studios - the house of Auro Technologies. For recording, 193 separate channels were used, which in Avid ProTools were reduced to the native 9.1-channel mix. True, why the combined 193 channels in the format of 9.1 creators are called a native mix - it is unclear.

The orchestra has never come together. First Bernie recorded drums and percussion and asked each melody mood, not hearing the rhythm section and wind. Then percussion was duplicated, having achieved a deep bass, descending below 20 Hz. After that, with the help of huge tape microphones from AEA (Audio Engineering Associates) and Neumann connected to Neve 8068, they recorded wind instruments.

The edition will include a Pure Audio Blu-ray disc and a 16-page booklet. The CD will have mixes in the formats LPCM 2.0, LPCM 5.1, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Auro-3D Native 9.1. ITunes will have a stereo version, and 5.1 mixes will be released on and